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Business Style Waterproof PU Leather Laptop Sleeve Bag with Mat

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Product description

  • Material: PU Leather
  • Color: 6 Colors
  • Feature: Business appearance, work efficiently
  • Function: Both bag and stand for laptop or ipad
  • Size: Fit for most kind of size, can be customized
  • OEM/ODM: Warmly welcome
Made For Universal  
Support customization
Laptop Bag size:
11 Inch / 12 Inch:30.8cm*21.2cm (maximum thickness 2.5cm)
13 Inch / 14 Inch:34cm * 25cm (maximum thickness 2.5cm)
15 Inch / 16 Inch:37.5cm*27.3cm (maximum thickness 2.5cm) 
Fabric: PU leather, elastic fabric, waterproof, shockproof, scratch resistant
Enhanced anti-wear and imitation scratching ability, smooth touch, waterproof leakage,
Wear-resistant, aging-resistant, not easy to wrinkle, not easy to deform, longer life
Inside: ultra-fine fluff, internal and external anti-scratch design, fit and care for your laptop
1. Shockproof: If the love machine accidentally collides or is dropped underground, the notebook inner bag can effectively reduce the damage caused by the collision;
2, waterproof: the waterproof function here, in terms of preparation refers to the anti-splash function, the inner bag can effectively prevent rain, water vapor and other damage;
3, anti-wear, scratch: often use the notebook to know, the original beautiful notebook shell, will soon appear in the paint, scratches, etc.; this is because we are in the process of using the laptop, often will love the machine Take out and put in the bag. If you just use outsourcing, it is easy to make the paint on the edge of the notebook be worn away. If you add a notebook bag, the problem will be solved.
4, decorative: the beautiful appearance of the liner bag not only effectively protects the books, but also plays a very good decorative role.
5, KickStand: can be used as a bracket, a multi-purpose package, full-featured!

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Place of Origin:China

Shipping:Support Express · Sea freight · Land freight · Air freight

Supply Ability:5000 piece per week

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